applet introduction in java

An applet is a small Java program that is embedded and ran in some other Java interpreter program such as a Java technology-enabled browser Or Sun’s applet viewer program called appletviewer.

An applet can be a fully functional Java application because it has the entire Java API at its disposal.

Key Points
An applet program is a written as a inheritance of the java.Appletclass
There is no main() method in an Applet.
Applets are designed to be embedded within an HTML page.
An applet uses AWT for graphics
A JVM is required to view an applet. The JVM can be either a plug-in of the Web browser or a separate runtime environment.
Other classes that the applet needs can be downloaded in a single Java Archive (JAR) file.

1. Automatically integrated with HTML; hence, resolved virtually all installation issues.
2. Can be accessed from various platforms and various java-enabled web browsers.
3. Can provide dynamic, graphics capabilities and visualizations
4. Implemented in Java, an easy-to-learn OO programming language
5. Alternative to HTML GUI design 
6. Safe! Because of the security built into the core Java language and the applet structure, you don’t have to worry about bad code causing damage to someone’s system
7. Can be launched as a standalone web application independent of the host web server

1. Applets can’t run any local executable programs
2. Applets can’t with any host other than the originating server
3. Applets can’t read/write to local computer’s file system
4. Applets can’t find any information about the local computer
5. All java-created pop-up windows carry a warning message
6. Stability depends on stability of the client’s web server
7. Performance directly depend on client’s machine


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