precedence and associativity of an operator in c

Precedence And Associativity Of Operators

Precedence of operators

If more than one operators are involved in an expression then, C language has predefined rule of priority of operators. This rule of priority of operators is called operator precedence.

In C, precedence of arithmetic operators(*,%,/,+,-) is higher than relational operators(==,!=,>,<,>=,<=) and precedence of relational operator is higher than logical operators(&&, || and !). Suppose an expression:

This expression is equivalent to:
i.e, (b+c) executes first
then, (a>(b+c)) executes
then, (a>(b+c))&&d) executes

Associativity of operators

Associativity indicates in which order two operators of same precedence(priority) executes. Let us suppose an expression:


Here, operators == and != have same precedence. The associativity of both ==and != is left to right, i.e, the expression in left is executed first and execution take pale towards right. Thus, a==b!=cequivalent to :


The table below shows all the operators in C with precedence and associativity.

Note: Precedence of operators decreases from top to bottom in the given table.

Summary of C operators with precedence and associativity
Operator Meaning of operator Associativity
Functional call
Array element reference
Indirect member selection
Direct member selection
Left to right


Logical negation
Bitwise(1 ‘s) complement
Unary plus
Unary minus
Dereference Operator(Address)
Pointer reference
Returns the size of an object
Type cast(conversion)
Right to left
Left to right
Binary plus(Addition)
Binary minus(subtraction)
Left to right
Left shift
Right shift
Left to right
Less than
Less than or equal
Greater than
Greater than or equal
Left to right
Equal to
Not equal to
Left to right
& Bitwise AND Left to right
^ Bitwise exclusive OR Left to right
| Bitwise OR Left to right
&& Logical AND Left to right
|| Logical OR Left to right
?: Conditional Operator Left to right
Simple assignment
Assign product
Assign quotient
Assign remainder
Assign sum
Assign difference
Assign bitwise AND
Assign bitwise XOR
Assign bitwise OR
Assign left shift
Assign right shift
Right to left
, Separator of expressions Left to right



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