Type casting in java

Casting is an operation that converts a value of one data type into a value of another data type. 

The syntax for type casting is to give the target type in parenthesis followed by the variable name.

float f = (float) 10.1;
Int i = (int)f; 
in this case, value of i is 10, the fractional part is discarded, while using type casting there is a chance of lost information that might lead to inaccurate result.

int i = 10000;
byte s = (short) i;
In this example value of s becomes 10, which is totally distorted, to ensure correctness; you can test if the value is in the correct target type range before using type casting. 

Casts that results in no loss of information
byte => short, char, int, long, float, double

short => int, long, float, double

char => int, long, float, double

int => long, float, double

long => float, double

float => double


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