sql ques ans(part W)

​111. What restrictions can you apply when you are creating views?

Restrictions that are applied are:
Only the current database can have views.
You are not liable to change any computed value in any particular view.
Integrity constants decide the functionality of INSERT and DELETE.
Full-text index definitions cannot be applied.
Temporary views cannot be created.
Temporary tables cannot contain views.
No association with DEFAULT definitions.
Triggers such as INSTEAD OF is associated with views.

112.Define Data Warehousing.
Storage and access of data from the central location in order to take some strategic decision is called Data Warehousing. Enterprise management is used for managing the information whose framework is known as Data Warehousing.

113.What do you mean by Index hunting?
Indexes help in improving the speed as well as the query performance of database. The procedure of boosting the collection of indexes is named as Index hunting.

114. How does Index hunting help in improving query performance?
Index hunting helps in improving the speed as well as the query performance of database. The followed measures are achieved to do that:
The query optimizer is used to coordinate the study of queries with the workload and the best use of queries suggested based on this.Index, query distribution along with their performance is observed to check the effect.Tuning databases to a small collection of problem queries is also recommended.

115. Enlist ways to efficiently code transactions.
Ways to efficiently code transactions:
User input should not be allowed while transactions.
While browsing, transactions must not be opened of data.
Transactions must be kept as small as possible.
Lower transaction segregation levels.
Least information of data must be accessed while transacting.


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